A Convenience Store Offers Mini Shopping Sprees

By Hope Bidegainberry on February 7, 2020
The Shelves Convenience Store (7-11) at Thamai at Chanthaburi, Thailand

A convenience store in New York is blowing up on TikTok for a weird reason. They are trying to bolster America s MATH skills.

The owner’s son is 20-year-old Ahmed Alwan. He has been posting videos where he asks customers simple math questions, and if they answer right, they win a mini shopping spree, and have FIVE SECONDS to grab as much stuff as they can.

A few of the videos seem staged, because he lets people take CASH from the drawer. And one guy tries to run off with a ton of lottery tickets. But apparently the other videos are legit.

The questions are not usually hard. For example, he asked one woman, “What’s 7 times 7, plus 10?” (The answer is 59.)

She got it right. And in five seconds, she ended up with a box of Cheese Nips, a bunch of chips, some pastries, three bananas, and a newspaper.

A local news station did a story on it, and Ahmed said he started doing it as a fun way to help out people in his community. But he also hopes kids see the videos, and it inspires them to learn.

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