A KFC Gravy Scented Candle Exists

By 965koit on January 22, 2019
White china gravy boat isolated on white background.Front view.Single object and no people.There are meat sauce in the gravy boat.Close up. Studio shot,Side view and copy Space.Horizontal photography.

There are certain smells that you can identify with one gentle blow of the wind. Like the scent of Lavender, or that fresh baby smell and of course the new car smell. Those are smells that trigger certain memories or emotions for you right? Does the smell of KFC’s gravy do that for you? Then you are in luck because KFC just announced they are giving away a candle that smells like their gravy. Honestly, I love their gravy but I have no idea what it smells like. I couldn’t pick it out of a gravy line up based on smell alone.

If you are tired of your house smelling like “clean linen” this is an option that you might want to pursue. The only problem is that it’s for the UK and Ireland KFC’s. I haven’t seen anything for the American ones but I’m sure it’s coming soon. Why not try and enter and see what happens, you can enter your info by clicking the link in their tweet.

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