Adopting A Cat Is Good For Your Health

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 20, 2019
Women with her cat share tenderness

What if there was an easy solution to decrease stress and anxiety, while increasing your happiness and overall health? What if that solution was right under your nose the whole time?

Have a better relationship with your cat. If you don’t have one, you’ll want to visit your local shelter and adopt one after reading just how amazing they are for your health and happiness!

  1. A Good Night’s Sleep  In a fascinating  study, researchers found cat owners who let their cats sleep with them at night were twice as likely to find them beneficial to a good night’s sleep rather than disturbing.
  2. Calming Effects of Kitties  If you want to relax, pet your cat .. .or just watch a cat video. In numerous research studies about the calming effects cats have on humans, scientists discovered that petting cats relieves stress and increases calmness.  
  3. Decreased Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks  If you’re anxious about your health, your cat might let you breathe a sigh of relief. Based on a study conducted by Dr. A.I. Qureshi and fellow researchers, cat owners were 30 percent less likely to die from heart attacks or strokes and were also found to have lower levels of cholesterol. 
  4. Lower Blood Pressure  Raising an already high blood pressure with unnecessary stress and anxiety is a recipe for trouble. In several studies, people who had high blood pressure and then adopted a cat were later found to have had their blood pressure levels greatly reduced. 
  5. Providing Companionship  Whether young or old, humans crave companionship. A cat is a friend who will deliver unconditional love.
  6. Cats Get You Exercising  If you have a cat in your life, it will be impossible to resist getting up off the sofa and participating in playtime with your feline friend. 
  7. Calm as a Cat  Cats know how to take it easy and relax. After all, they sleep for most of the day, by adopting a bit of mindfulness and taking after your cat, you may be able to learn how to slow down and take a breather for yourself.
  8. Improve Your Love Life  If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, adopting a cat will change that in a hurry. Researchers found men who owned cats were looked upon by women as being more caring, sensitive, and attractive.
  9. Make New Friends  Along with improving your love life, cats can also help you establish new friendships. Whether you are sitting in a veterinarian’s office or standing in the cat food aisle at your local store, you will almost always be able to strike up a conversation with a fellow cat lover.
  10. Improve Your Child’s Health  If you have kids, adopting a cat will not only make them happy, but also much healthier. When it comes to allergies, researchers found children who had pets in their homes during the first two years of their lives were far less likely to develop them. 

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