Alexa is Making Your Kids Say “Please”

By 965koit on April 26, 2018

Alexa has had it with rude kids!

Amazon updated their dots with a bunch of kid-friendly updates. If a command comes from a kid without a “Please” it will be met with this Alexa response: “What’s the magic word?”

They come with a new feature called “FreeTime on Alexa,” which is free for any Alexa device owner to activate. It allows parents to set time limits on how much their kids use Alexa, as well as off-limit times around meals and bedtime. Another great addition is music with explicit lyrics will be automatically blocked, and buying things off Amazon needs a parent consent.

It also has an “Activity Review,” which allows parents to hear exactly what their kids have been asking Alexa to do.

If you want to make your child say “please” just enable the “Magic Word” function


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