Am I “Nesting” Already?

By 965koit on July 31, 2018

There have been some chores around the house that I have been meaning to get done. Yesterday I built 2 shelves to help organize the garage and I installed our new TV. Since I never really do stuff like that I decided to post a picture on social media showing everyone how manly I am. The first 5 comments I got were all about how I was already “nesting” since we are expecting a baby in January.

I had no idea what nesting was so I did a quick google search. Nesting is the urge to prepare your house for the coming baby and it’s an old wives tale that women will begin nesting when the baby is getting ready to come out. So I could totally be nesting! Although I’m not the one giving birth, and it’s not even close to being born yet. Am I being controlled by my instincts to get this world ready for the baby? What else is going to happen to me and Kristen? Will I start to get sympathy pains? There are so many questions to be asked and I have no idea what to expect.

Now that I’ve learned what nesting is, I hear there is something called pregnancy brain I get to look forward to. This is going to be one heck of a ride.

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