Amazon Prime Has A lot More Movies Than Netflix?!

By Hope Bidegainberry on January 30, 2019
Back view of a couple watching TV on sofa at home. Man is changing channels.

Amazon Prime has more than four-times the movies that Netflix has, but that includes a lot of junk. Only 1.3% of Amazon’s movies are “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, compared with 15.5% on Netflix. 

Netflix has about 3,000 fewer movies in its streaming library than it did in 2010, and they are hiking their prices as well. Amazon Prime’s movie library is more than 4.5 times bigger, but compared to a new study, most of those movies aren’t good. 

Rotten Tomatoes calls movies Certified Fresh if they have at least 75% favorable reviews. Netflix’s percentage of good movies was not only higher than Amazon, but they had more than Amazon, Hulu, and HBO Now combined. Amazon was also ranked last among the four services.

Here are the results:

  • Netflix: 3,839 movies total, 596 of which are Certified Fresh (15.5%)
  • Hulu: 2,336 movies total, 223 of which are Certified Fresh (9.6%)
  • HBO Now: 815 movies total, of which are Certified Fresh  (4.7%)
  • Amazon Prime: 17,461 movies total, 232 of which are Certified Fresh (1.3%)

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