App Locks Your Kids Phone Until They Reply To You

By 965koit on January 9, 2019
A young guy, shouting at someone in his smartphone. Image taken with Canon EOS 5 Ds Mark and EF 70-200 mm USM L. Istockalypse Paris 2016.

Do you ever text your son or daughter and they never text you back? Did they get the message? Are they dead? That’s what usually runs through your mind when it’s probably just that they are ignoring you. Well, you no longer have to worry about this happening you to thanks to a dad who was dealing with this with his son.

The dad invented an app called ReplyASAP that will definitely get your kids attention. Once you send a text through the app it locks your kids phone, making it impossible to do anything until they reply to your text message. No more “oh I didn’t hear it” either because even if the phone is on silent it will still sound a loud alarm letting them know a message came through.

Once you install the app on your phone, you have your kids install it on their phone and both of you have the power. Which means your kid can lock your phone until YOU reply as well. The dad that invented it says him and his son have an understanding that it’s only used when the message is important and not when he runs out of batteries for his Xbox controller. It’s good for both of them because they can keep their phones on silent and know that either one of them can get an urgent message if needed.

He also tried to think of some adult ways to use it as well, like if you misplace your phone but its on silent. Right now you can get the app on Android phones and they are currently working on an iPhone app.

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