Apple Is Going to Try to Make “Slofies” . . . Slow-Motion Selfies

By Hope Bidegainberry on September 12, 2019

Remember a few years back when Apple introduced “animojis” . . . which were 3-D emojis that matched your facial expressions?  Yeah, those never really became a hit.  Which isn’t a good sign for these . . .

Apple announced its new iPhones yesterday and also a new feature called “slofies.”  Those are selfie videos in slow motion.

Do they look cool?  I mean, sure.  Is the word “slofie” going to enter the modern lexicon?  I’m a lot less sure . . . and the feedback so far on social media kinda backs me up.

Plus someone on Twitter already made the best possible slofie joke, so there’s nowhere to go but down.

JUST after Apple announced them, a tech writer named Casey Newton tweeted, quote, “Upgrading to iPhone 11 versus keeping your old phone is a real slofie’s choice.” 

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