Are You Growing A Spike On Your Head? Most Likely.

By 965koit on June 18, 2019

So this might freak you out. Take your hand and feel behind your head at the base of your skull. Do you feel a little bump or possibly a small spike? Congratulations! You have something called “Text Neck” and you’re not alone.

Scientist have discovered people are growing new layers of bone on their skulls because of our abundant use of smartphones. Weird right? They have shown that it happens mostly with people between the age of 18-30. A study on 218 people in that age range found that about 41% of them had something called an external occipital protuberance. Which is a growth that appears on the back of your head. It used to be rare but then doctors started noticing more and more people having them over the last 20 years. It was more common in teenagers and men.

It’s thought to develop because of all the time we spend looking down at our phones and devices. Our necks have to work to keep our heads in place so they start to develop these layers of bone to help. The researchers are encouraging scientist to find a way to treat this but as of this time your just going to have to grow a spike on your neck.

You can read the original report HERE¬†but don’t do it on your smartphone or tablet!

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