Are You Missing An African Grey Parrot?

By 965koit on March 8, 2019
African Grey parrot on a white background.

If you or someone you know is searching for their beloved African Grey Parrot in the bay area, good news, they may have found it!

The search is on for the owner of an African Grey parrot in Milpitas. Milpitas Firestaion #1 has found one who was in a tree near Highway 680 and Dixon Landing Road and they can’t find the owner.

These parrots are such prized animals that they aren’t releasing any details about what the bird looks like, or what the bird says because they are afraid someone will try to falsely claim it.

On Monday they will transfer the bird to Gilroy to the Souza’s Avian Sanctuary and if the owner isn’t found soon it will be put up for adoption. They say that with the high winds this bird could be up to 20 miles from home.

Help us help the fire station find the parrots owners! Share this post with your friends and let’s try and hunt down the owners for this beautiful bird.

Christy Souza at Souza’s Avian Sanctuary can be reached at 408-896-6711

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