Be Prepared for the Big One…Here’s what you’ll need…

By 965koit on July 8, 2019
roads cracked

The recent Earthquakes in Southern California serve as a good reminder to make sure we have everything prepared here at home in the Bay Area should the “Big One” hit.  Here’s a starter list of items to have at hand to be ready in your home and office.


First aid kit: A decent well-stocked kit, including band aids, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, a couple of weeks’ supply of any prescription medications you need. 

Cash:  Depending on circumstances, credit cards might not be useful.  Consider having about $100-$200 and lots of ones in case you can’t make change. Rolls of quarters are helpful.

Cell Phone Chargers

Clothing: Layers and socks, shoes

Blankets and old pillows

Flashlights: Make sure batteries are good.

Whistle: Good for locating people in a crowd, at night or in low visibility conditions.

Crank style or battery operated radio: Broadcasters might be available, even if cellular networks fail.

Nonperishable food: Energy bars are good and take up little space.

Water: enough to last a week.

Food for the family pets 

Big black trash bags: For use as a poncho, or cut open to make a tent.

Multi-use knife.

Dust masks (two per person) Best if they’re heavy-duty respirator-type masks.

Duct tape.

Plastic sheeting.

Copies of documents: Passport, driver’s license, insurance, and any other important documents.

Paper street map: GPS might go down.


Copy of your ID.

Sticky pad, pen and pencil: In case you need to leave a note for family to let them know where you went or where to meet.

Antibacterial hand wash

Comfortable sturdy pair of shoes.

A pair of leather work gloves: Again, think rescue and retrieval.


Remember to make an escape route and a meeting place and keep the family informed.  





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