Best Star Wars Day ever ~ a gift from a Disneyland Imagineer

By 965koit on May 5, 2020

It seems like so long ago, it was just February 28th when we were broadcasting live from Disneyland.  What a fun trip ~ our crew enjoyed the weather, the food, the rides and we met more of the Disneyland family.  My last interview of the day was with Jon Georges, a  Disney Imagineer, who helped design the Rise of the Resistance ride that had just opened.  Jon was so passionate about the project that we got a team together all all experienced the ride together.  I was totally blown away from the size, scope and attention to detail in this experience.  It’s heartbreaking that after all this hard work, so many Star Wars and Disney fans have to wait to go back and enjoy all that Galaxy’s Edge has to offer.  I sent a note of thanks to Jon and yesterday, on Star Wars Day, a package of goodies including a cool Disney Imagineer T shirt, pin, comic book, Pixar journal and Lucas Films hat for my son!  Check out the pictures below and thanks to Jon and all our friends at Disneyland, we miss you so much and can’t wait to have the park re open soon.


That’s Jon behind me, he narrated the Rise of the Resistance and shared so many details.  


Ahh the coveted Imagineer Pin!!  My new favorite one.

This AT-AT Walker Galaxy’s Edge T Shirt is da bomb!

You don’t see too many of these around…so cool!

This is the great package I received from Disney Imagineer Jon Georges, imagine how thrilled to get this at all, never mind on Star Wars Day!

And a personalized letter.

We had a great broadcast in February ~ We miss you Disneyland.




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