“Bye Bye Hangover!” Says Science

By 965koit on December 31, 2018
scientist, doctor, asistent working at the laboratory using pipette

Something that everyone who drinks has in their arsenal, is a fool proof cure for hangovers. Every time you get one your friend swears that you have to try a little bit of THIS mixed with a ton of THAT and then topped with THIS and magically your hangover will be gone! It rarely ever works and now you have a headache, you ate something gross and you have to pretend your friend “cured” you so you don’t hurt his feelings.

Science has come to the rescue once again! According to the British Royal Society of Chemistry there is a scientific cure for your hangover and instead of your friends “trust me, it works!” speech her gives you every time, you can actually trust this. The simple easy way to get your hangover to go away is honey on bread. That’s it. That’s the magical fix. Honey on top of some bread. When you get too much alcohol in your system your body starts to break it down in a substance that is actually toxic to your body. Which is why you get headaches, nausea and the other wonderful symptoms that come with a hangover. Your body is fighting off this toxin.

The honey breaks down the alcohol into something that is harmless instead of poison. So when honey and toast are combined together it adds potassium and sodium into the body which helps it handle the alcohol.

So when you go to pick up that bottle of wine, get some honey and bread to go with it.

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