You Can Get Paid to Travel!

By 965koit on August 24, 2018

Getting paid to travel sounds like the dream!

There’s a resort company in Mexico that’s looking to hire someone to travel between their six resorts for a year. This person would put up social media content about what these resorts have to offer. The paycheck isn’t too shabby either. They’re looking to pay this person $120,000 just to travel and post on social media!

The hotel and resort company is called Grupo Vidanata and they’re calling this the “World’s Best Job.” The official job title is “professional vacationer.” That sounds amazing because think about it. You normally pay money to take a vacation. Why not get paid to do it for a year?!

This person will also receive free access to their restaurants, spas, activities, and everything else including zip lining, swimming with sharks, nightclubs, learning to salsa dance, tequila tasting, and golfing.

If you’re willing to relocate to Mexico for a year and have sales or hospitality experience, you may want to consider this. Applications are due on October 21st. You can apply at

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