Can This New Cat Food Really Make You Less Allergic?

By Hope Bidegainberry on March 2, 2020
Maine coon cat eating her food

If you are severely allergic to cats, you probably do not have them running around your home But if you do, this might be worth a shot. It is also for people with more mild allergies . . .

Purina is coming out with a new cat food called “Pro Plan LiveClear.” And they claim it is the first food that can make you less allergic.

Most people with cat allergies aren’t actually allergic to their hair and dander. They’re allergic to a specific protein in their cat’s saliva called “Fel d 1.”

Cats spread it all over their body when they clean themselves. And that’s what causes the allergic reaction in people. So the new food has a special protein in it that binds with the allergen molecules and deactivates them.

Apparently it takes a few weeks to start working.  But they claim it reduces allergies by an average of 47%. It’ll hit pet stores this April. (PR Newswire)

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