“Captain Marvel” Will Be The First Disney Movie Held Back From Netflix!

By Hope Bidegainberry on February 8, 2019
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When Disney announced it was starting its own streaming service, it was a conclusion that its movies would stop hitting Netflix.

Captain Marvel will be the first movie that will to go Disney+ instead of Netflix. Disney+ doesn’t demo until April 11th, and Captain Marvel hits theaters a month before that on March 8th.

It’s not clear yet if Disney is going to hoard all its content for itself. For instance, Grey’s Anatomy…on the Disney-owned ABC network got huge thanks to Netflix so keeping it there might seem like a good idea.

Disney boxx, Bob Iger, says “In terms of making decisions about where content goes, since we are betting on this direct-to-consumer bushiness long-term we obviously need to fuel it with intellectual property.”

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