Check Out What The Giants Are Giving To Fans This Month!

By 965koit on July 1, 2019

Each month the San Francisco Giants promotional team sends us samples of the items they are giving out to fans. So if you are headed to a Giants game in the month of July, or thinking about going, then here are some of the items you have a chance to get at the door.

Saturday July 6th when they take on the Cardinals, the first 20,000 fans are going to get a Will Clark #22 T-Shirt. It’s a 3/4 sleeve and it’s super comfy!


Sunday July 7th the first 20,000 fans will receive a MLB Network Grocery Tote. They didn’t send me this one so I don’t know what it looks like but if you need a new tote, this is TOTES the one to get.

Saturday July 20th They take on the Mets and the first 20,000 fans are going to get a Giants themed Cable Car Replica. I’m super bummed they didn’t send me this one either because it sounds awesome! I guess I’ll have to go to the game so that I can get it.


Sunday July 21st the first 20,000 fans will get a Buster Posey emoji plush! Its cute and plushy and perfect for the kids.


So grab your tickets to the game and get there early so you can grab one of these cool items. Who doesn’t love free stuff right?! Go Giants!


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