Creative Uses For Your Halloween Pumpkins

By Hope Bidegainberry on November 1, 2019

What happens to those carved porch pumpkins once Halloween is over?

Your pumpkins don’t have to be thrown away or smashed. One animal sanctuary in Ohio is actually asking for people’s post-Halloween pumpkins. And it’s not an attempt at adding a spooky ambiance for the animals to enjoy, the pumpkins provide entertainment and nutrition for the sanctuary’s pigs.

“We love receiving donations of pumpkins after Halloween,” the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary posted to Facebook. “Not only do pumpkins provide a tasty treat, they are a source of enrichment. Many times we offer the pumpkin whole and let the piggies roll it around the yard and get a workout breaking it open. Cracking the pumpkin open and hiding the pieces around the yard is another great enrichment opportunity.”

Sanctuaries around the country are happy to accept these juicy orange treats on beheld of their animals, but there is a little preprocessing you should consider before handing your pumpkins over.

If folks want to donate their pumpkins, they can be carved but can’t have candle residue in them or show any signs of rotting.

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