Dad Duty #1 Completed.

By 965koit on December 3, 2018

On Friday I become a dad for the first time and since Kristen is doing most of the work, I decided I should do something. It has been explained to me that my duty as a future daddy is to build everything that needs building and get the house ready to receive baby Lilly. Seeing as how she wasn’t originally due until January 18th, I figured I had plenty of time to get it all done. Now with all the complications that Kristen has been going through (be stuck in the hospital for a month on bed rest) my timeline has moved up by 6 weeks.

First thing I needed to do was build the baby’s crib. So on Saturday I finally did. In all the movies you see dads struggling to assemble the complicated furniture piece and I was certain that I wouldn’t face any of those problems. However, 20 minutes into building the crib I still couldn’t find the directions. It wasn’t until Kristen looked it up that I discovered that the instructions we hiding inside of an envelope.

After that it was pretty smooth sailing! Although there were times when only having 2 hands made things VERY complicated and I had to get creative. An hour later I had completed my first step in becoming a dad. Next thing I have to build is the changing table, which is at least 3x’s more complicated by the look of it. Then I start hanging mobiles and shelves to put stuff on. I went from WAY ahead of schedule to starting to fall behind. The baby arrives on Friday the 7th and she may be ready to come home right away, most likely though she will stay in the hospital for a few extra weeks. Either way I need to be ready because we don’t know what’s going to happen!

You can watch me start the crib on Facebook live, for most of it i’m looking for the directions.

Then I finally got it built and thought I’d celebrate on Facebook live as well.

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