Dog Makes Hilarious Noise When Dad Says “Squirrel”

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 6, 2020
A jack russell terrier smiling and sitting outside in Autumn day

This Jack Russell, like many other dogs in his breed, have a lot of energy. He also just happens to love chasing squirrels. This dog would lose her mind, anytime there was on in the area.

This dog’s obsession for squirrels was so strong that even mentioning the word squirrel would send her to the moon. 

Thin the video below, the dog’s owner is holding on to her and he is asking her is she sees the squirrels. The dog starts staring off into the distance, checking to see if he is telling the truth. She then starts barking until she is released so that she can start chasing the squirrels.

Watch the video HERE.



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