Dogs Take A Field Trip To A Seal Sanctuary To Cheer Them Up During Lockdown

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 5, 2020
Common or harbor seal (Phoca vitulina), lying on beach, Farne Islands, Northumberland, UK.

The seals at this sanctuary are missing people every since this lockdown…so how do you cheer another animal up…the answer is a dog! This sanctuary has been closed since the pandemic started and they are isolate and getting lonely…after all, there are typically 100,000 people who come by this center every year. 

In order to keep the seals engaged, staff members have been bringing their own dogs to work with them. It seems that the seals are absolutely loving it. With no people walking around, the seals have definitely noticed it and this was a creative way to keep the seals engaged and happy.

The teams ideas have been running out with enrichment and fun for the animals. The animals are very intrigued to see the dogs, and it has definitely made a difference.


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