It’s Drunk Angry Wasp Season!

By 965koit on August 13, 2018

Who knew this was a thing? The article I read doesn’t say exactly what parts of the country that these wasps are the angriest but let’s just assume its ALL of them. During a few weeks in August the wasps tend to feed off of fermented fruit that they find in garbage cans. Why August especially? I have no idea. I assume because we tend to eat more fresh fruit in the Summer time. Either way once the fruit gets fermented it only takes a sip from the wasp to get them intoxicated because they are so small.

Once the alcohol kicks in they get sting crazy! It seems like they fly around looking for someone to sting more often when they are drunk. It’s best to avoid all wasps for the next couple of weeks just in case they are looking for a fight.

In case you can’t avoid one, here are some remedies for a wasp sting that you can use. Good luck out there!

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