A Dude Weekend In SF

By 965koit on April 30, 2018


Kristen had a girls trip to Las Vegas over the weekend so I was left alone to do my own thing in the city. A few friends of mine invited me to play board games and have some BBQ so I drove down to Redwood City first thing Saturday morning. Played a couple games and enjoyed some tasty food before taking off and meeting up with a few other friends on Haight & Ashbury.

We started our night at Laguna Cafe with some Hookah and fries. This was my first time with Hookah but it was pretty fun to just hang out and not have anywhere to go. After about an hour we decided to walk down Haight so of course we had to stop at Amoeba Music. As a music and movie lover, we spent about an hour just walking around and looking at everything. Then back to the streets! After walking down Haight we decided to jump on some electric scooters and go for a ride around Golden Gate Park. 

Then we jumped in an Uber and went to North Beach where we got my friends favorite pizza in town Golden Boy Pizza. I had to try the clam and garlic pizza because its kind of their thing. After eating way too much and a few beers.

To sum it up, my dude weekend included all of the dude staples a man enjoys. BBQ, Sports (board games) Hookah, Beer, Pizza, riding a Hog (electric scooter) and being so full he had heartburn all night and couldn’t sleep.

Dude approved.

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