Five Food Rules for Kids That Adults Love to Break

By Hope Bidegainberry on October 24, 2019

Remember all the rules you hated as a kid, and immediately started BREAKING as soon as you turned 18?  A new survey asked people about all the FOOD-related rules their parents had for them.

Here are the top five food rules we had as kids that we love breaking as grown-ups . . .

  1. No eating on the couch.  51% of us do it as adults.  (Seems low.  49% don’t?)
  2.  You can’t have breakfast for dinner, 50%.
  3. No snacks before a meal, 50%.
  4. No sweets before bed, 45%.
  5. You can’t have dessert for dinner, 37%.

The survey also asked about rules we WANT to break but don’t.  The top five are eating with your hands . . . blowing bubbles in your drink . . . hiding food you don’t want to eat . . . playing with your food . . . and sneaking food to the dog.

Having FOOD FIGHTS also made the top ten.  A third of us sometimes feel the urge. 

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