Five Practical Skills We Learned From Our Dad

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 14, 2019
Cropped shot of a little girl putting makeup on her father

A new survey looked at the most common practical skills we’ve learned from our dad.  Here are five of them.  . .

  1. How to cook dinner or grill meat.  29% said their dad taught them.
  2. How to put up a tent, 28%.
  3. How to tie a necktie, 26%.
  4. How to hang a picture, so it’s level and won’t fall, 26%.
  5. How to build a fire, 18%.


Another Father’s Day survey looked at ‘dad skills’ and found they ARE on the decline.  It asked young dads and older dads about different tasks, and whether they could handle them on their own.  And 32% of millennial dads said they don’t even own a HAMMER.

Only 63% of millennial dads could change a flat tire, versus 79% of baby boomer dads.

54% vs. 85% could reset a tripped circuit breaker.

63% vs. 86% could jump start a car.

65% vs. 86% could unclog a sink.

Only 59% of dads today are confident they could open a stuck pickle jar with their hands.  That’s compared to 81% of baby boomer dads. 

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