FREE Prom Dresses & Accessories!

By 965koit on March 8, 2019
Three teenage friends holding on to each other

Prom season is coming! Its weird to think about but it’s probably something you as a parent is dreading because it’s SO expensive. You need a dress and jewelry and shoes and limos and all the things your teenager thinks it’s SUPER important.

Well that’s where The Princess Project comes in. The organization is run entirely by volunteers and they are offering free prom dresses, jewelry, shoes, and bags to teens in the Bay. You don’t have to qualify financially either, it’s open to everyone who wants a prom dress. They say they have about 8000 dresses and about 90 percent of them are brand new.

The Princess Project in Silicon Valley will officially open for shoppers on Saturday and Sunday. If you can’t go this weekend they will have more dress giveaways on March 13th, March 16th to the 17th, and March 19th.

If you want to go shopping you have to make an appointment, which you can do online. When you go shopping be sure to bring your student ID with you as well. If you are worried about them not having your size, don’t worry The Princess Project offers sizes up to 30.

The Princess Project serves San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sonoma County. Check out their website for more information and to make an appointment.

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