A Generous Simon Cowell!

By Hope Bidegainberry on August 16, 2018

Simon Cowell is best known as arrogant and cranky, but he can be generous and compassionate. Julia Carlile and her dance mates earned a spot on the “Britain’s Got Talent” competition show.

She had been dancing since the age of five despite her having scoliosis. Julia dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, but her spine was implicating her lungs and bringing her pain.

Her dance team was called Mersey Girls and they had hoped they could take home the top prize and her family could afford the expensive operation to correct her spine.

In the end of the competition show, the girls finished in fourth place, but Simon Cowell went backstage with an announcement promising to fly Julia to the U.S. and have the life-changing surgery on her spine. He would pay the whopping $240,000 bill!


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