Guys, You May Want To Shave Your Beard After Reading This

By 965koit on April 15, 2019
Portrait of bearded man trimming his beard.

My whole adult life has been spent explaining to people that I am unable to grow any facial hair. You wouldn’t think that it would come up in conversation a lot, but for guys it does. I’m 35 and I don’t have any sort of shadow on my face. I’ve got a baby face and until TODAY I was a little upset about it. What man doesn’t want to grow a fabulous, manly beard?! Me, because they are disgusting!

After doing a recent study comparing beards on guys and fur on dogs they discovered that guys beards have more germs and bacteria in them. Yup! Your beard is full of disgusting germs and bacteria and it’s on your FACE. Dogs eat and lick whatever they can get their mouths on and YOUR BEARD is worse. And no, it’s not like only a majority of beards are bad it’s 100% of the beards they tested had germs in them and only about 75% of the dog fur they tested had them.

On top of all that, half of the guys beards they tested had enough germs or bacteria to actually make someone sick! Gross! I’ve never been more proud to hairless.



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