Have You Ever Been Called The Wrong Name?

By 965koit on February 1, 2019
‘Hello my name is’ adhesive sticker on white

I’m not talking like a letter off of your name. I’m talking about a completely different name. Like “HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT” name!

I get it, my name isn’t all that common around here, but growing up “Karina” was a super popular name in my little border town. I had the occasional misspelling or the occasional Katrina but never this.

A few days ago I heard “hey Rachel!” I didn’t respond because well quite frankly that’s not my name. Then I heard “Rachel, how’s your day going?” At that point, I realized she was talking to me because she was looking right at me. It was a “what do I do moment?!”

Well, I answered. I didn’t have the heart to correct her about my name and she was so confident that it was Rachel.

Unfortunate part is the next day I saw her again and she said “HEY RACHEL!” Now I feel like I have to answer to Rachel every chance I see her.

How would you approach this situation? Should I just answer to Rachel for the rest of my life?! haha!

My name is Karina and welcome to my awkward life.

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