Here They COME!

By 965koit on March 15, 2019
Painted lady butterfly, vanessa cardui on flower green background

Seeing one butterfly makes your little heart flutter doesn’t it? Even now as an adult when one flies by me I stop and squeal “OOOH Butterfly!”

Every year there is a great migration of the butterfly species called Painted Ladies and they have to pass through the Bay area on their way to Oregon. They start at the Mojave desert and make their way up the coast to Oregon in the Spring. T

his year will be extra special because there has been a huge explosion in their population so there will be TONS of them flying by. They look a lot like the orange and black monarch butterflies so in case you run into 2 swarms of butterflies, these are the ones I’m talking about. I have no idea what that other swarm is but I would RUN!! It could be anything!! (KIDDING!)



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