How Do I “Dad” A Baby Girl?

By 965koit on November 26, 2018

My name is Nick, I’m 34 years old, the youngest of 5 siblings and no experience what-so-ever dealing with children. Coming up on December 7th I’m going to be in charge of raising one of these “kid” things and I have no idea what I’m doing. On top of that, the only thing I really know how to be is a boy and man, which will mean nothing to my brand new baby GIRL. Not only am I completely clueless about raising children in general but what am going to teach a little girl?! How long before she gets bored with lightsabers and Superman action figures (Yes. ACTION FIGURES, we don’t call them dolls in this house.)

Sure, girls can absolutely like those things and if she wants to be a nerd like me I have no issues with it. But I’m assuming as she gets older she is going to be interested in things that most little girls are interested in. And that’s fine too, I’ll sit and play Barbie with her and drink fake tea at a tiny plastic table (although I never understood why we don’t just give them real tea, I mean it’s TEA!). Luckily she will have her mom there to handle all the questions she will have about being a strong independent woman because I don’t know how to be strong or independent man.

So I did a quick google search of some things that dads need to know and I would love it if you could add your best advice to the list! Here is what I gathered so far…

  1. Show upWhen she has something going on in her life, like a play or a dance recital, just be there. 
  2. Teach them to be assertive This one is going to be tough because I’m not an assertive person. 
  3. Perfection is a mythWith all the judgement from everyone out there it’s important to let her know that no one is perfect and that’s Ok. 
  4. Show her how men should treat herThis one is a big one for me and the thing I’m most worried about. I hope that she will see Kristen and I as great examples of how relationships should be. But who knows! She is most likely going to date some people that I’ll hate and there is nothing I can do about it.  

That’s it! That’s all I’ve learned. In summary, HELP!!!

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