How will your dog react when you’re not home all the time?

By Hope Bidegainberry on April 22, 2020
Young woman sitting at the desk at her home, working on the laptop while her puppy pet sits on her lap. Freelancer work from home concepts in casual atmosphere.

A dog expert says your dogs are getting so used to being around you all the time that they could suffer from, quote, “extreme separation anxiety” when this is over.

Dr Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist, said that owners need to start preparing their pets for the return to a normal routine to avoid any issues. 

While people are working from home, dogs can build up a ‘huge reservoir’ of over-dependency’ which could see them suffer at a later date.  

When left alone, dogs can chew the house, annoy the neighbors by constantly barking, urinate and defecate inside. 

He advises owners to have 30 minutes breaks away from their pets several times a day in order to ease them into being alone when the lockdown ends.

Pets will see a ‘huge shock’ when the lockdown is lifted, and they need short structured training sessions in the meantime. 


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