I Don’t Know How to Pose in Pictures!

By 965koit on July 11, 2019

Nick has been getting really into photography, and since it’s just Lilly and me, we end up being his models.

The problem is…

I don’t know how to pose!

I seriously feel so awkward and weird in every picture. But he’s really into it, so he’s always talking me into helping him.

We went to this park by our house and I did what I see other women doing on Instagram. Here is the standard selfie headshot. That I can do!

But then I tried to give that “oh you caught me looking away” look! I seriously felt like such an idiot!

What are you supposed to do with your hands? I think I shoved them in my jean pockets in this photo.

Clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing, so I thought I would show you the correct way to pose. Check this video out! I know I’m going to try some of these poses for my next photoshoot.

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