Is it time to burn my house down?

By 965koit on September 10, 2019
Building in full flaming inferno.

Yesterday I woke up and found a little red dot on my arm. It was no bigger than a pencil eraser head, so I figured that I got bit by something and it would go away soon. I have super sensitive skin, so it seems like bugs are drawn to me whenever I take a walk outside.

This morning I woke up with an itchy arm. I scratched it and noticed it felt bumpy.

I ran to the mirror and saw THIS.

Bug bite (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)


It tripled in size!

What the heck bit me?

My mind is racing with all the disgusting possibilities. My cats take flea medication, so it can’t be that. So that must mean that there’s a spider living in my hair and only comes out at night to bite me, or my house is infested with bedbugs that crawl over us all night as we sleep.

Those are the only two choices, right?

I know I’m completely blowing this out of proportion and that it was probably just a mosquito when I was outside, but I can’t stop thinking it’s the worst-case scenario. Then I did the worst thing I could possibly do and I went online and started researching different bug bites.

Now I’m convinced it was a brown recluse spider or something.

So the only outcome I can think of is burning everything I own or set fire to my house and starting again.

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