It’s so hard when your pet is really sick ~ taking Buster to the vet

By 965koit on January 21, 2020

Poor Buster, he was so sick over the weekend. Our little buddy started vomiting non stop late Friday night. We called emergency vet and she said it was ok, not an emergency and to go see our normal vet in the am.

Here we are at Pacifica Pet Hospital Saturday morning. They took x rays and thank goodness there was nothing in his stomach that had to be surgically removed. That was my worst fear. He is so sad here.

Our doctor gave him anti nausea medicine, something to coat his stomach and re hydrated him too.

We came home from the vet and Buster slept a lot.  He stopped throwing up and rested.  We started giving him teaspoons of water and some special food the vet provided to help him get back on track.  Cottage Cheese and rice and boiled chicken in small portions brought him back looking for more food.

By Monday he was feeling better and getting outside again and barking at his friends walking by.  

Thanks to our friends at Pacifica Pet Hospital and all the vets in the bay area of taking care of our fur babies.  When your pet is really sick, it’s so scary.  



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