Long-Lost Cat Reunited With Owner After Going Missing For 10 Years

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 11, 2020
White cat licking its paw. Photo taken in an authentic apartment in Varna, Bulgaria.

In 2010, a woman experienced the fright of her life when her cat escaped from her outdoor enclosure. She wouldn’t see her beloved pet again for the next ten years.

When the owner had given up all hope, she received an unbelievable call. A construction worker had found her cat hanging around a local project and had taken the animal to a local vet. The staff scanned the presumed stray for a microchip and discovered the owners long-lost cat.

The poor cat was battling a severe upper respiratory infection and extreme weight loss. The cat immediately recognized her owner and seemed visibly relieved to see her. The owner said her name and she let out a soft meow as she curled up to her.

Now the cat can live her remaining years in a warm and loving home!



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