Love Pizza But Hate People? You’re Gonna Love This.

By 965koit on September 26, 2018

Do you love eating pizza but hate that you have to deal with people in order to get it? Someone has to come to your house and deliver it, or you have to go into the pizza shop and order from someone. Why can’t we just walk in, grab our pizza and go? Now you can.

Little Caesers has launched the Pizza Portal. You can order your pizza online then come into the store, punch in the code they gave you, grab your pizza and leave. It’s already pretty easy to pick up pizza from Little Caesers because of the Hot-N-Ready thing they do but now you don’t have to wait in line! Genius. I want all my foods inside a heated locker waiting for me to grab and go. In fact if they can make one that I can drive up to that would be AMAZING!

Here is a picture a customer took of one!

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