Lyft Wants To Give You $500 To NOT Drive Your Car

By 965koit on September 27, 2018

How bad do you really need your car? Lyft wants you to try giving it up for a month and try other forms of transportation. They are doing a promotion right now that will give 50 people in San Francisco $500 is credit to use others forms of travel. So instead of your car you can take a train or BART or those bicycles you see on the streets. Oh and of course, they would like you to use Lyft right?

They are doing it to show you that there are other ways to travel other than driving your car every day. Maybe if you try living without your car for a month you will discover you don’t need it as much as you thought you did. The more cars we can get off the road the better right!?

You can sign up to try and win at


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