Should Marriage Be Temporary So You Can Renegotiate?

By 965koit on October 23, 2018

This seems like it might start an argument if you both don’t agree on the answer. Should you be able to get out of a marriage after an agreed upon time period. Much like a contract, after 5 or 10 years you have the option to renew and renegotiate your vows or just walk away without any harm done and no legal fees.

Apparently that was a question that was asked to people between the ages of 18 and 24 and 25% of them said that they would like it. Much like your cell phone, you may want to upgrade after a few years without having to pay any fees. The only thing this would be good for would be to keep me in shape. If I knew that my contract was coming up soon, I would get back into fighting shape in case Kristen wanted to bail on me for a younger/taller man.

Without the obvious bad things about this idea, the good side would probably mean that marriages would last longer right? Or at least until the contract ending date. If you knew that you had an out in 2 years you would probably stay on board until then. Thus leading to a successful marriage that ended at the right time.

If you have the guts, go ahead and bring this up over the dinner table.

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