Middle schoolers are using scrunchies as a sign of secret crush

By 965koit on October 11, 2019

Scrunchies are making a huge come back. If you’re a parent of a middle schooler, maybe you’re already aware of this. But are you aware of what the “scrunchie” signifies?

One mom decided to write her own version of a PSA on Facebook to tell all the other parents in the world about it!

Emily Convington found some scrunchies in her dryer at home after doing some of her son’s laundry. The first time she thought nothing of it. The next time, she pressed her son for answers. She was taken aback by what he told her.

Convington’s son told her that scrunchies are the new sign of affection at his school. Girls will give their scrunchies to their crushes who will proudly wear them all day.

See the post below. Have you started seeing more scrunchies in your house? Let me know in the Facebook comments!

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