My Very Adult Weekend

By 965koit on March 12, 2018

This year my weekends have been mostly busy with work or some other project I’m working on. This weekend I was officially caught up on everything I NEEDED to do so I could finally do some things I WANTED to do. For instance, I have been meaning to go shopping for some new luggage for at least 2 years. All of the trips that we take usually consist of me carrying around Kristen’s pink Zebra striped luggage. So I decided to get out there and find myself some new adult luggage.

However, that didn’t happen. I did get new luggage but it was far from “adult” in style. Were there plenty of adult options available? Sure. None of them felt like “me” until I came across the smiling luggage you see above. I debated over it for at least 20 minutes inside the store and Kristen was more annoyed that anything because I couldn’t make a decision. In the end, I got the luggage that made me smile and was different enough to recognize on a beltway. Much like the faces on my lugguge, I’m pretty happy about it. Like OMG.

Another “adult” thing I did this weekend was learn all about the ways of the Jedi. Kristen got me the gift of knowledge for Valentine’s day this year. It was a pair of books that depict the ways of the Jedi and the Sith from Star Wars. Since I’m a Star Wars nerd I spent all of my spare time this weekend reading and learning the path the Jedi Knighthood. If you’re wondering, no I’m not a Jedi…yet.

How was your weekend?

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