“New Coke” Is Back!

By 965koit on May 22, 2019

Regarded as one of the biggest branding blunders of all time, New Coke is making it’s return to shelves. If you don’t know the story about it, back in 1985 Coke wanted to shake things up by changing their formula. It did not go well. In less than 3 months Coke stopped making the new formula and released “Coca-Cola Classic” as you know it today.

Thanks to the show Stranger Things on Netflix the old New Coke will be New again! The shows 3rd season takes place in 1985 and Coke thought it would be fun to put out a few 12oz cans of New Coke in honor of it. I’ll be honest, I can not wait to try this! I was born in ’83 so I never got to taste New Coke. But it’s so infamous that I have to try it and see why it was such a huge upset. I have a feeling it’s pretty good and it just suffered its fate because people don’t like change.

Now you can try it too! But it’s not going to be easy. Less than 500,000 of the cans will be released to the world and they are going to go FAST. 2 ways that you can get them are, buying bottles online starting Thursday May 23rd. And finding a special Stranger Things upside down vending machine in select cities this Summer. Fingers crossed the Bay is one of those cities!

Who would have thought that the Coke no one wanted is the Coke every one is going to be talking about!


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