No More Limited Edition Drinks?!

By Hope Bidegainberry on September 27, 2019

Starbucks is no longer doing it for the ‘Gram.

For the past few years, Starbucks has been selling lots of limited-edition drinks like the Unicorn Frappuccino and Tie-Dye Frappuccino . . . drinks that might not taste that good, but look good in pictures.

Well . . . they’re planning to REALLY cut back on those.  They’ve already been scaling back on them for the past year . . . and now they’re going to scale back even more.

Why?  The drinks are just not worth it.  They take a long time to make, the baristas hate making them, and by the time they finally perfect the process, the drinks go away.

And that’s not all.  Because they’re complicated, they slow down the stores and increase everyone’s wait times.  AND people get upset when they get their drinks and they don’t look exactly like they do online. 

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