No One Has Claimed the $1.5 Billion Lottery Prize

By 965koit on November 15, 2018

Do you remember NOT winning the biggest lottery jackpot in history about a month ago? Me too and I’m still pretty bitter about it. To make things worse, the person who DID win it is no where to be found. No one has stepped up to claim the lottery winnings which means that it could eventually go back to the states.

The winner has 180 days from the drawing to claim their cash or the money gets redistributed back to the states that sold the tickets. The winning ticket was sold in South Carolina which is one of the states that the winner can remain anonymous if they choose too. That rules out the theory that they aren’t ready to tell the world they are uber rich because they could totally keep it a secret.

So what happened to the winner? They might not even know that they won, or they might have lost the ticket! Who knows what the situation is, we may never know what happened or who the lucky winner was. If the money DOES go back to the states, they are allowed to do whatever they want with the money. They can spend it on roads, education, bonuses or what ever they feel like because there aren’t any rules. The official deadline is April 21st, all we can do is wait and see.



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