People Are Faking Their Vacations For Instagram

By 965koit on April 22, 2019
Family standing next to Thor’s Hammer hoodoo on top of mountain looking at beautiful view. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

Please tell me this is fake? Have we really reached this point in our society that someone will pay to make it LOOK like they went on vacation to somewhere cool? I sure hope not. There is a website that will take the photos you send them and Photoshop you into a specific location of your choosing. Maybe you couldn’t afford that trip to Maui this year but you still want your followers to think you could? Now all you have to do is go to a park and take photos, then submit those pics to their website and they will make it look like you were in Maui.

It’s called and it’s a real website with a real promo video. The “packages” start at $20 and go up from there depending on which location you choose. If this is something that you really want to do then you can check out some of there sample photos on their website, which by the way ARE TERRIBLE!

I’ve used Photoshop only a hand full of times and I can do a better job that who ever is doing them on the website. Which really makes me feel like this is SUPER fake or an obvious scam that you would be throwing your money away on. But maybe you want to do it for the gram BECAUSE it’s so bad and obvious? We live in a weird world.

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