Pink Lettuce Is A Thing Now

By 965koit on February 28, 2018

In a world that is dominated by photos of food, pink lettuce is now having it’s turn on the top of the Gram-chain. If you see a ton of people gathered around the produce section taking selfies don’t be alarmed. They have gathered to worship pink raddichio, which is a type of lettuce that grows naturally pink. They haven’t added any artificial coloring to it, it’s born that way. And because it’s born that way, they feel that they can charge up to 5 TIMES the amount of regular lettuce.

It has a slightly bitter taste and buying it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Especially if you only bought it to take a picture with it. So clean your camera lens and head to your nearest Whole Foods to add this baby to your story before it goes the way of the Unicorn Frap.

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