SF’s ‘Tuesday Noon Siren’ Is Leaving

By Hope Bidegainberry on December 4, 2019

The Tuesday Noon Siren, which is made up of 119 sirens places across the city of SF has been a longstanding quirk of living here. December 10th will be the last time San Franciscans hear it for up to two years.

The outdoor public warning system is going on hiatus for upgrades. It got its start an an air-raid system during World War II, when San Francisco was a military base. Today, it is intended for use in life threatening emergencies, including tsunamis, a contaminated water supply, or radiological activity. 

It has been 14 years since it was last upgraded in 2005. With the sirens going offline, the Department of Emergency Management encourages San Franciscans to subscribe to text message emergency alerts via AlertSF.

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