A solution for that dreaded cell phone that gets wet!!

By on February 5, 2018

Have you ever gotten your iPhone dropped in a toilet or a pool?  Have you ever gotten your phone washed in the laundry???  The reason I asked is because it has happened to me lol!  It wasn’t funny at the time because it cost me a lot of money but I am thinking of the time I had dried to blow dry it and have it sit infront of a fan and even dump it in my rice dispenser.  Yes, I had a rice dispenser, lots of asians do! Ha!  Anyway, it didn’t help!!  I don’t even think this machine I saw this weekend even existed at the time.  It’s called TEKDRY and it rescues your wet phone and dries your phone guts for you! lol  I saw it at Staples in San Bruno so I’m not quite sure if it is in every Staples but at least you know you have an option to try to salvage your phone.


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