Are You Still Eating Halloween Candy?

By 965koit on November 11, 2018

How much of your kids’ Halloween candy became yours? We know how it goes. One for them, three for you, haha.

When I was a kid, I always wondered what happened to my Halloween candy after a few days. I would go to school and come home hoping for a nice chocolate bar, only to find out all my candy was gone!

It turns out my parents were hiding the candy from us so we wouldn’t go crazy on sugar. We’d only get a piece a night, but after a few days all our candy disappeared. We’d ask for candy and mom would say there was no more. It seemed crazy, but we believed her.

Well recently my parents confessed they had eaten most of our Halloween candy. When they said we had none left, we still did but they kept them for themselves. Sigh.

How much of their candy did you keep? Are you still eating it?

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