Taking A Bat To Our Windshield

By 965koit on January 10, 2018

It always looks like so much fun when you see someone bashing a car with a bat in movies. I’m not sure what it is inside us all that makes us want to break stuff but it got the best of me recently. While we were driving on 580 home a big rock flew up and cracked our front windshield pretty bad. So bad that it had to be replaced completely.

As the guy was removing our old windshield we realized that we would be missing an opportunity if we didn’t ask what he was going to do with the broken windshield. He said they just throw it away. Well if you are just going to throw it away…why not bash it in with a bat? That’s exactly what we did!

And it was SOOOO WORTH IT. It’s just as fun as it looks. Just a reminder to take with you through life, you never know if you don’t ask.


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